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A journey in the subconsciousness, of a young man. Going under a past life regression hypnosis session, hoping to find answers in the past about his current mental issues. Not expecting to face the real issue of his present.


Director Biography - Fady Eman


Fady Eman is an Actor and a Writer from Cairo, Egypt. He creates and produces various artistic contents. In addition, he is the founder of FANTAZYA REPUBLIC PRODUCTION, the first self announced artistic country that supports individual artists from all around the world. To collaborate together on a grand global production scale, such as the short film HYPNOSIA which he wrote , acted , produced and had his first experience as a Director.

Script of no one but everyone

As the story projecting an issue concerning most of our recent generations mentality, so my aim was to tell the story in a neutral open way and to keep it clear from any specific personal details, so that everyone can perceive the message differently, and relate accordingly to their own life experience. 

Also my experience with the script was beyond writing, especially during the writer's research and while listening to all those voice recorded hypnosis sessions four hours a day, trying to cover all methods, techniques and over all knowledge. I found myself going under different kinds of hypnosis for few weeks of my research, to come out from that unexpected journey with the most harmonic flow to complement my story.       


Independent Production passion 

The proof that real artists still do exists, when they are choosing to collaborate just because they can relate to the story, and they are willing passionately to put all their talent,time and hard work to see it coming to life.


Cinematography roof top

Although the story taking place in the subconsciousness, but the fantasy theme was never an option, in order to keep the soul of the true story. So for such a visually told story, here comes our exceptional DOP, PETER RICHWEISZ with his choices of  using different lenses for the imaginary scenes. Like the Cooke Anamorphic lenses for a slight dreamy look, shooting on 8K with RED Helium camera hitting the highest cinematography quality. 



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Real imaginary Locations

Then the hardest challenge of keeping the picture organic, was finding those imaginary locations that can give the sense of being in different worlds, but still looks real in the same time. We shot in four different cities in Egypt and two cities in Thailand, and most of those locations regardless how magically beautiful they are, but it was challenging to reach with shooting equipment, especially getting to Siwa Oasis in the middle of the Egyptian desert, or getting to a rice field at the top of the highest mountain in Thailand.

Dancing for PACO

Being so thankful when the amazing PACO MONTALVO, granted me the copyright permission to use his master peace "El Vito Cordobes" for my dance scene. His genuine act of supporting art was overwhelming, and inspired me to pay my respect for such a real artist by showing my appreciation through my dance. Therefore I went to Seville, South of Spain to study the Flamenco basics, working with two different choreographers, for both Classic and Gypsy styles. Which I combined together with my own final touch after three months of enjoyable  practice. As I got strongly taken by the magic of Flamenco that is beyond physical movement, it's a dance of Pride ,Charisma and Character.          


Acting recharge 

Five days of shooting over a course of five months, I was not acting myself by playing the role of me, in order to keep a plain character. It took some accent work to sound neutral, Although there were some physical challenges, especially in the underwater scene, but the hardest part was the long time gaps between shooting dates. Of course I had to keep my exact weight and look, but the real work was recharging myself with the same energy and mood, and for that I received a great help from my lead Actress MARWA GABRIEL. The fact that she is my acting coach, so she knew me inside out. In addition of spending three weeks editing the screenplay together, so she was aware of the reason behind every word I wrote. Most of my scenes were solo acting but her voice from our rehearsals was always there in my head, recharging me with the real emotion for each line.    


Music to feel

For a non detailed story which mainly told visually, and still to keep it rich, so of course composing the right music was essentially important, to provoke the emotional connection with each theme. 

So before we even start shooting, MOHAMED RASHWAN composed 11 live music tracks for each scene and theme. Based on how he related to the story as a human and a great sensitive artist, He processed the script  through his own emotional channels, to come out with such a sensational music, that can deliver every feeling of the story just by its own.

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Director Statement 

At the end I can say that my main vision on directing the film was based on the idea of engaging the viewer not only by watching, but also to go through the process itself to experience the stages of hypnosis, and then to join me for a ride inside of my imagination, till I eventually deliver my wake up call.

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