Fantazya Republic is the first self announced artistic country, many fine artists from around the globe already joined our nation on few special projects. Proving that together as Fantazyans we can overcome all the challenges that we faced before as struggling individual artists, But now together in Fantazya we can achieve all our artistic ambitions on a grand global scale. The Republic movement evolved through a collaborative decision among artists and administrators that were fed up with greedy production houses to create an organization that encourages creativity, community, and an environment where artists can work on their projects freely without distraction or concern. The vision of our movement began in 2019 in Cairo, Egypt. Proudly we put together an international management team who understands the industry and our role as a management company that has a vested interest in helping our artists grow and advance their careers.

Proudly to announce the launch of our first embassy in Dubai, as media production house with highly post production stations and a fully equipped shooting studio. We pride ourselves as being a youthful and forward thinking management company that embraces innovation, takes advantage of cutting-edge Internet strategies and international our network of affiliates , while still understanding the invaluable knowledge we can gain from industry veterans. Fantazya Republic is first and foremost an initiative of good-will. We are about maintaining our uncompromising core values of focusing on providing the resources and services needed so our artists can focus on their projects. We reinvest everything into developing new talent for the love of the art. We remain focused on our role as administrators, facilitators, and a support network for our artists. We take pride in being the main source of management, booking and production. We are an environment where great art, great minds, and great energy meet. Be one with us and come join our country.